A 62-year-old saleswoman who dreamed of 6 numbers for 3 days and went to the lottery to win a prize of 6 million baht


The odd turn of destiny is strange to the point that one can’t completely accept that the Burmese saying, “You just see the lance coming, however you don’t see the destiny coming.”

A 62-year-elderly person selling fish in the market in Rayoun region, Thailand, lacked the ability to envision an existence of thriving. Notwithstanding, she had a peculiar dream for 3 days straight. She generally longed for the number 098597 in her fantasy.

Subsequently, I scanned all around the city for a lottery ticket that seemed to be a number and played the lottery. A couple of days after the fact, the lady turned into the fortunate victor of 6 million baht.


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