Former German intelligence chief warns Beijing about China’s influence in the world


A former German intelligence chief has warned of China’s ongoing threat to world domination. Gaddafi Shundala, who served as head of the Federal Intelligence Service from 2011 to 2016, has strongly warned European countries against “strategic dependence” on Beijing.

In an interview with The Times, Schindler outlined China’s approach to international relations and warned of its over-reliance on European exports to Beijing. He added that although European countries were unaware of China’s growing influence and hostility, China was “very cautiously pursuing a clear strategy to establish its one-nation leadership”. That relationship needs to be reconsidered and improved. We are partly dependent on China. For example, the automobile industry. ”

“If Huawei were to build a 5G network, we would not know what they were doing,” he said, citing Chinese telecom giant Huawei as aiming to dominate the world. “If our decisions on significant issues are influenced by China’s threat to cut off communications as imaginary, we will have to do something.” He has been accused of plotting to overthrow Huawei in building the country’s 5G network. He called on the German government to act like the United States and other countries.

According to a report by the Democratic Defense Defense Foundation, China sees Europe as a battlefield for the coming world war, a warning from a former German intelligence chief comes amid warnings by experts around the world that China is plotting to overthrow the world. A report by the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy, which details China’s strategy for Europe, including Germany, raises doubts about Beijing’s geopolitical aspirations.

Co-author of the report According to Emily Della Brewery, a senior member of the foundation, Beijing views Europe as a “battlefield of World War III.” She added that China saw Germany as the most important player in World War III. “If only China could attract Germany, it could have conquered the world,” Bruyer said in an interview with Fox News.

While some have dispelled doubts about the possibility of a third world war after critics of the Coronavirus virus, some believe that China will be in the middle of the road if World War III does happen.

In the aftermath of the Coronavirus crisis, which has devastated much of the world, China has made significant criticism of countries that have criticized its epidemiological incompetence, and its diplomats have been wary of “wolf diplomacy diplomacy” that threatens critics. China has sunk a Vietnamese fishing boat in the disputed South China Sea in recent months. Malaysia’s offshore oil drilling has been under constant scrutiny. Attacks and threats against Taiwan; It has enacted a controversial national security law, tightened control of Hong Kong and demonstrated its power with India along the border.