“Khun Sint Nay Chi” urged a large number of boys not to drink alcohol, hoping for a girl like Mi Khaing.


Entertainer Khon Ne Kyi Cho-ke has won the affection and backing of the fans since he had the option to act the best in his characters with his cool exhibitions.

This time, entertainer Khun Nae Kyi-cho told young men not to savor liquor any expectations of a young lady like Mikhain.

Aside from entertainer Khun Nae Kyi Cho, I have never met a terrible kid on the planet who just beverages liquor like Teza and comes to me requesting cash. Assuming you run over it, you won’t generally care for it. Mikhai is only one person, He additionally let me know that he might want to have a young lady like Mi Khaing. I’m reposting it for the perusers.


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