With Korean dramas gaining global popularity, woman writers who write famous drama testimonies also are incomes a living. There have additionally been rumors on-line approximately the profits of well-known author Kim Eun Sook.

Writer Kim Eun Sook, further to The Glory presently showing, `Lovers in Paris’, ‘Secret Garden’; He wrote well-known dramas such as ‘Goblin’. He additionally earned over a hundred million Korean received ($eighty,000) for one scene. According to reporters, he’s one of the maximum paid drama screenwriters in 2019.

Kim Eun Sook, a well-known author, needed to begin from the bottom. Since attending college, I needed to attend college five years at the back of my classmates because of the want for training fees. After graduating, he wrote performs for no money, and whilst he wrote Lovers in Paris, he earned 30 million received.

He additionally earned 70 to eighty million received for the well-known Goblin story. Now, it’s been a hit to the factor of having a hundred million received for one scene.


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