Myanmar will join India in producing Kovis vaccine


According to Indian media reports, Myanmar will be involved in the production and distribution of the vaccine.

India, Myanmar co-develop Kovis-19 vaccine The Indian Foreign Minister said during a visit to Burma that the two countries should cooperate in the development of vaccines, and that India would play a part in co-sponsoring the trials of vaccines in some parts of the world. Dr Khin Khin Gyi, director of the Central Infectious Disease Control Division, also said.

“India has not yet tested the drug,” he said. Currently, there are only two vaccines made in Russia and four in China. All six are currently only allowed in the country with limited approvals. How safe is the vaccine? How much can people be protected? Healthy people according to their age. Children Will the vaccine work for people with a history of the disease? It is involved in a series of tests. The Clinical Phase 3 trial involved tens of thousands of cases. Some countries are involved in such matters. So I think Myanmar is discussing to get involved in such things. They also get the vaccine. I am not like that, ”said Dr Khin Khin Gyi.

In early October, India discussed donating Remdesivir, a Kovic drug, to Burma, and said that Myanmar would be involved in India’s vaccine development, according to Indian media reports.

Gavi, the vaccine alliance, will provide access to the vaccine to 20 percent of the country’s population if the Kovis vaccine is approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).