Russia begins production of Yak-130 training and fighter jets for Vietnam Air Force


Russia’s Vedomosti newspaper reported on January 29 that Irkutsk had signed a contract with Vietnam to purchase 12 Yak-130 training and fighter jets, citing a source close to defense.

The acquisition will be the country’s sixth. Bangladesh Myanmar, Laos and Belarus have previously bought, but the Russian State Arms Export & Import Corporation Rosoboronexport and the Federal Defense Cooperation Agency have not yet commented on the Vietnamese purchase of the Yak-130.

If you look at the picture, you can see that the Vietnamese flag was painted during the construction of Yak-130 and the factory number is 130.12.05-103. 05 is the customer’s code and 103 is considered to be the third generation and 12 is the number of units. According to Irkutsk, Vietnam’s purchase of the Yak-130 was later replaced by the Su-30SM, The Su-35S and Su-57 are also expected to be available.