Almost the entire city of Shweli, a city on the China-Myanmar border, which is the main hub of the Northeast economic gateway, has been locked down since 12:00 p.m. China time on September 21, border traders said.

An exporter said, “Yes, Yes. It opened at 12 o’clock yesterday, yes,” he said.

Starting from last August 31st, Shweli was re-inspected for Covid-19 and from September 16th to 21st, traffic was restricted for almost the entire city for 5 days.

A trader who lives in Shweli said, “From September 16th to 21st, all of the areas that were closed for downloads were tested for the virus three times, and all of them were found to be free of the virus, so at 12:00 p.m. China time on September 21st, the sites that were closed for downloads have been reopened. It has been downloaded,” he explained.

movie theater the bar the club KTV massage room just a ribbon Art training schools have not yet been allowed to open, he said.

From the east of Shweli town, Shweli east expressway junction. Mangliang Village Yunmen Village Panbeng Village Along the Shweli River in the south, Jiejiao Guomen Community West To Longlin Avenue; Heha Village, The New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Disease Prevention and Control Headquarters of the Shweli City Municipality announced on the morning of September 22 that traffic restrictions have been eased in areas such as the Hangrui Expressway and the extension to the north.

Those who want to leave Shweli can leave with a certificate that they have tested positive for the virus within 24 hours, and they need to submit an application about their trip, he said.

Due to traffic restrictions, the entry and exit of the Wantin-Jinsan Neng border gate, where the two countries trade, was not affected, but Shweli City and other major cities in China were unable to transport goods, and the express delivery system for importing goods from Myanmar to Shweli via online was delayed.

During the last covid epidemic, the Wan Tin-Ring San Neng terminal, which was connected to Shwe Li city, became the largest trading point of the Northeast economic gateway. The terminal was closed for several months due to the covid epidemic, and was reopened at the end of 2021 with a replacement driver system in accordance with the covid regulations.


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