Popular fan Thazin Htoo Myint is the eldest daughter of Khin Hlaing, who commenced to observe lovers from the optimal of Academy Shwe (2018). Her lovable and calm demeanor now no longer most effective moved the country, however additionally made the male lovers love her even greater due to the term “sand”.

The extraordinary help of the country is that even on Khin Hlaing`s social community page, he became known as as his mother-in-law. Starting from the golden age, he entered the arena of artwork and has been a hit in filming movies.

Today, with the message “A vicinity wherein you could have peace of mind 🤍 who does not go away the room on a time without work from work 😄”, the very cool Sand pointed out her lifestyles fashion and confirmed off her very lovable personal room. He’s a lovable person, and he is high-quality to stay subsequent to the room, and it is proper that he is lovable, lovers.


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