The well known entertainer Khon Ne Che Cho is the best entertainer in the MRTV 4 series and is getting support. Khon Ne Che Cho has likewise made progress in the as of late circulated series Ma Chiwe and Ke Aung Nae.

In the as of late circulated episode of Vipak, Khon Ne Chig Cho assumed the part of Mi Khaing, who will in general be irate with her darling and has a ton of affection.

Khon Ne Chi Ghe Cho will be seen in astonishing ways as the show advances. Mikhai is frequently furious and grim. Be that as it may, I love the kid without question, Even assuming I hurt you, I feel genuinely awful. From that point onward, she began saying that she was a young lady who couldn’t be detested.


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