The consultant was careful not to hold public gatherings in Thidingyut


State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi has warned against celebrating Kovis without prevalence. He made the remarks in a statement to the public on the latest situation of the Kovis-19 broadcast on the night of October 26.

During the time of Thadingyut, a day sacred to the people of Burma, they should not gather in public. It can be done without spreading the risk of Kovis disease and get good deeds during the holy season. “Every year, our people go to the monastery and visit the pagodas during the holy season,” he said. It is not possible at this time. When that is not possible, we have to celebrate our Buddhist day in a different way, Thidingyut. Therefore, we can do good deeds with spirit. For example, sending love, meditating, and worshiping God can be done anywhere. “Decorating your house with as many lights as you can is something that can be done without crowds and without spreading the risk of Kovic disease.”

“I want the people to be happy and healthy and prosperous during the holy season,” he said. From October 29 to November 2, there is a long public holiday. Fire cracker attack, etc. can cause public panic and do not resume Hsu, Fireworks, gun sold in a fire, the existing legal Myanmar police report.