The Indian military has been able to use US satellite data


The Indian military has been granted access to the US satellite network. This situation will enable more accurate identification of enemy positions. The main agreement will be signed tomorrow, and defense information will be available in real time. The agreement, called the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA), will enable the mapping and location systems to be used in drone systems and long-range missile systems.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh met with US Secretary of Defense Mark T Esper in New Delhi on Monday, following a statement from India following the meeting. Counter-terrorism and support issues were discussed. He said the BECA could be the last of the basic agreements between the two countries.

The first is the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Association, signed in August 2016, to supply fuel and supplies from military bases of the two countries.

The United States has recognized India as a key defense ally since 2016. Military cooperation between Rajnath and Esper; Secure communications and industrial issues; They also reviewed the sharing of information.