Under the guidance of party chairman Than Htay, a government free of corruption will be formed


Dr. Nanda Hla Myint, a spokesperson for the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), said that the government would work for a government free of corruption under the guidance of party chairman Than Htay.

Dr. Nanda Hla Myint said, “In particular, we will work for a clean government and good governance, as instructed by party chairman Than Htay. The party has been transformed into the People’s Party, so it is important for the people to know the real situation of the USDP, ”he said on social media.

The USDP, currently led by Chairman Than Htay and co-chairing a new generation of leaders, has been a well-established People’s Party for four years in line with the people’s will. 320 people There will be 165 candidates for the Amyotha Hluttaw and 644 for the Region and State Hluttaws.

495% of experienced seniors (43.84%); 634 newcomers (56.16%) are present. The age range is 25 (40) (99) (8.77%); 662 (58.64%) between the ages of 41 and 60; 368 people over the age of 61 (32.60%) were involved. About 30% of them are experienced elders, including 14 experienced ministers under the previous Thein Sein government.

With almost 70% of the candidates running strong and capable, it is clear that the country and the people of the future will be able to drive a strong and positive movement for the country and its people with experienced and active young people. 827 master’s and ordinary graduates; The total percentage is 78.57%. 242 at university and diploma level; According to the polls, 21.43% of the candidates will be able to get an education from their parents. With only 88% (7%) of the population, the people will be able to see if the allegations of opposition political forces that the USDP will return to military service are correct.

The current election of military candidates in the party is not a run-off election, but a step-by-step election by the local party.